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Resources for Employers and Job Seekers

This Equity, Diversity + Inclusion Hiring Resource aims to help companies ensure their staffing team is filled with the best, and most equal representation of talent possible – from drafting job descriptions to onboarding new employees. 
  • Employer and employee skills list for the position – COMING SOON

We are working on a list of commonly sought-after skillsets for various positions throughout the industry. This resource will help employers come up with a list of desired qualifications for each job, and it will help inform job seekers on what they need (and how to fill the gaps)!
Thank you to Oyster Sunday for sharing their employment resources with our industry!

About Oyster Sunday 

Based in New Orleans and New York City, Oyster Sunday is a corporate office and management company for independent restaurants across the US. It is our mission to reconfigure how many aspects of a restaurant — operations, branding, finance, HR — are established and managed by building a corporate office for independent restaurants to plug into, previously only available to large restaurant groups. In New Orleans, Oyster Sunday’s client list includes LeBlanc + Smith portfolio (Sylvain, Cavan, Barrel Proof, and The Chloe hotel), Gracious Bakery, Blue Giant, and Pluck wine bar. A sampling of other nationwide clients includes Bell’s in Los Alamos, Elm Street Social Club in Cincinnati, Milu, and Jody Williams and Rita Sodi’s portfolio of restaurants (Buvette, i Sodi, Via Carota, Bar Pisellino) in New York City. 

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Certification Programs

Certified Cider Professional

The American Cider Association administers the Certified Cider Professional program. This first ever cider accreditation program is designed for distributors, chefs, servers and others who are interested in becoming bonafide experts on all things cider. Hard cider’s popularity has dramatically increased in the last several years, and now there is a way for food and alcohol industry professionals to prove their cider knowledge—the Certified Cider Professional program (CCP). American Cider Association has released two CCP exams: The Intro Level and the more advanced Certified PommelierTM.

Cider & Perry Production Certificate Program

The Cider Institute, in collaboration with the Cider & Perry Academy, developed the first certification program for cider & perry production in the world. The certification standards are developed by industry leaders, and courses are taught by university partners at various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. There are three levels of certification: CINA Foundation Certificate in Cider & Perry Production (CFC), CINA Advanced Certificate in Cider & Perry Production (CAC), and CINA Master Diploma in Cider & Perry Production (CMD).

Develop Your Network

The number of regional cider associations, nationwide cider groups, and events is growing! Visit the American Cider Association website to see a comprehensive list.

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